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The right software can streamline your business processes and dramatically reduce design, development and estimating costs, by automating many of the tasks that previously could only be completed manually. As a leading provider of customisable construction software in Australia and New Zealand, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Our team of highly experienced consultants can visit you in your offices, discuss your current requirements in detail, listen to your plans for the future, and put together a proposal for a suite of Sage software that will help you to achieve all of your goals while maintaining firm control of your business at all times.

Integrated Modular Solutions

As Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE) specialists, we can help you to make the right software acquisition decisions and create a system that covers all of your requirements, from construction estimating software that makes preparing detailed proposals a simple process, all the way through to reporting, cost management, accounting and claim management software that facilitates the various development stages of each project you undertake.

  • Reporting – Sage 300CRE can generate multiple reports from a central database, ensuring that every piece of information only ever needs to be entered into your system once. Working with job costing software that removes the need to duplicate data entry tasks will significantly improve operational efficiency.
  • Cost Management – Producing accurate estimates and controlling costs throughout the development phase is an easy task when all the facts you need are held in a central database and can be retrieved at the press of a button.
  • Payroll – The ability to integrate full construction payroll functionality into your central project management software simplifies the process of entering timesheets and enables you to closely monitor overtime, allowances and other employee costs.
  • Claim Management – With Sage 300 CRE, you can produce accurate, timely invoices and claims to ensure that your cash flow remains positive during the design and development phases of major projects. Job software that speeds up the collection of money is a major asset for construction companies in all market sectors.
  • Accounting – The Accounting modules in Sage software have always been outstanding, from the time when SAGE 300 CRE was known as Timberline software to the present day. Whether you are running a small building firm or a multinational construction company, this software will meet all of your accounting needs.


We will come to your office and discuss your business with your team.

We will listen to you explain where your business is today and where you want it to be in ten years.

Then we will discuss how we can help you achieve business control and growth.

Make the right construction software decision by talking to our team of industry veterans.

We excel at helping construction companies get accurate timely answers to their questions.

Together we understand your business.


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Sage 300CRE – Claim Management


Producing a simple customer invoice or the most complex claim is more efficient and accurate when the cycle is managed within an integrated database.

If required, create a complex claim structure and claim by

  • Work completed this period
  • Total work completed
  • Percent completed
  • Balance to finish

with no formulas to type over.


No longer forget retention claims.

Retentions are calculated within the system and reported as part of your outstanding items.

GST is correctly calculated ensuring accurate BAS reporting.


Bring the money in faster by getting the claims in on time.

Manage receipts by applying fully or partially to one or more claims.

If the payment is unexplained, apply the monies to the customer and apply to the invoice at a later date.


We all know the process. You claim what you need to and then you wait for the customer to approve and change the claimed amounts.

Managing this process is easy in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Sage 300CRE – Cost Management

With all the facts in one central database, you know exactly where you stand. You’re able to quickly get the details to identify issues before they grow into problems.

One point of data entry means the end of entering the same information twice relegating the job of data entry away from key personnel such as Project Managers freeing them to get on with the job of managing projects.

  • Produce accurate estimates
  • Timely management of project costs at multiple levels and cost centres
  • Administer purchases and subcontracts
  • Track and claim variation requests and contracts
  • Keep track of the latest drawings
  • Customise logs such as
    • Correspondence
    • Meeting minutes
    • Field reports
    • RFIs
Cost Management - PJ

Sage 300CRE – Reporting


Pay one person to enter the data once and then let the right people see the right information.

Job Cost accounting is significantly more complicated than general accounting so you need smart software to do the hard work.

Dispose of needless tasks by minimising the data gathering process.


Vital project and financial information is available to the right people from a single source of entry.

Each entry in Sage construction software can be seen throughout the system, ensuring the right people see accurate timely information on a daily basis.


The right software for your business bends to your business.

Our team will help you apply better business processes and workflows by adapting and customising Sage Construction software to best fit your business.

Reports and inquiries can be customised and developed to match and improve your business critical information needs.



Spreadsheets carry the risk that formulas are overwritten and the error is carried forward from tender to tender.

With an inbuilt shared database, Sage Estimating ensures all your estimators are using the same information.


Once the tender is won, send the estimate directly to your Job Cost software.

Winning the tender is only the first step in making a profit. Ensuring the final cost is aligned with the original tender means long term profitability by giving valuable feedback for future estimates.


Win the right tenders with accurate estimates that you can trust. Healthy projects start as profitable tenders.

We know that you tender more jobs than you win, so producing faster more accurate estimates is the key to building a profitable business.


The award winning Sage Estimating software can be used as a standalone solution to your estimating needs or it can be integrated to Sage construction software for ongoing project management, accounting and financial reporting.