About us

ieXcel is a leading supplier of Construction software in Australia and New Zealand. ieXcel supports its clients with a team of skilled and qualified consultants with years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. We can take your team through Screen based Take offs and Estimating to Job Cost & Equipment and Financial Accounting solutions.

ieXcel is a market leader in producing Intelligent Excel ® automated spreadsheets, with direct links into multiple databases. We can provide accurate and efficient spreadsheets, all fully automated with a single button press that can interrogate your database(s) and produce multiple reports including graphs with the capability to email the recipients with a copy of the report as a spreadsheet or PDF file. All done without complex formulas and linked workbooks.

ieXcel is committed to the ongoing success of our clients and their investment in their software. We believe that all database information should be accessible to any allowed user at the press of a button.

ieXcel understands that answers are the driving force behind software development and acquisition and is therefore committed to providing the right software solution to deliver your requirements.

Roger Lewis
Mob: 0412 538 238
eMail: roger@iexcel.net.au
Skype: rogerlewisxen