Programmed Excel Workbooks

ieXcel makes MS Excel ® the ultimate reporting and programming tool.

Our aim is one button press for any process.


When an ieXcel report is generated, all of the normal Excel functions are retained.
So your report can be filtered, copied, sorted and used as a database to add formulas and graphs.

Our team at ieXcel are skilled in writing Visual Basic code behind MS Excel ® to pull live data directly from any accessible database, spreadsheet or text file.

If required, you can have Pop-up windows to receive parameters/conditions such as dates and lists at the start of the report.

Our code will manipulate data, assign and match key fields and if tables can’t be matched within the existing data sources, we will build tables to create the required links and bring all of those multitudes of files, tables and fields together exactly the way you demand.

One button press can generate multiple reports and graphs.

If required, ieXcel reports can be

  • emailed directly from Excel to a list of recipients
  • saved as a PDF
  • sent directly to the printer

directly from your ieXcel program.

Watch our short videos to understand how ieXcel and MS Excel ® can bring
unequalled efficiencies and accuracy to your reporting and Excel spreadsheets.


As a programming tool, ieXcel provides a fast way to generate documents and manipulate data that can be written to text files for importing or (if allowed) directly written to databases.

The possibilities with ieXcel are endless.

Watch some of our videos and you will be amazed at how ieXcel programmers can turn MS Excel ® “on its head”.